What is SLŌ



SLŌ is an acronym that stands for Sustained holds that Lengthen muscles and Ōpens fascia. It's also the pace that the practitioner brings to the session. We work slowly (very slowly).


WHY THE "SUSTAINED" HOLDS (working slowly)?


When a positive outside influence (a SLŌ BODY-WORK therapist) utilizes sustained pressure, movement, and stretching, they are working to bring the body into a meditative state.

Just as the mind is capable of releasing unneeded thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns while in a meditative state, the body too is capable of releasing unneeded and/or stuck energy, tension, or old habit patterns. We refer to this as "bound points". We work with the client to unbind these points.




The primary role for muscles in the body is movement. When muscles become tight (from repetitive motion, strain, or stress) they limit blood flow, efficient movement, and function. When muscles are chronically tight, the individual efficiency and holistic balance of the body become diminished.

Utilizing movement, stretching, and practices such as yoga or Tai-chi enables an individual is able to lengthen and increase the "flow" of their own muscles. With the addition of a positive outside influence (a SLŌ BODY-WORK therapist), one is able to "lengthen" a step beyond ... resulting in more efficient movement, greater range of motion, increased blood flow, and decreased pain or discomfort. 




Unlike the muscles that receive the information to expand or contract from the nervous system, bound fascia can only be released through elements of movement, relaxation, or a positive outside influence (such as a SLŌ BODY-WORK therapist). When the fascia is "bound", it can put constricting pressure (up to 2,000 pounds per square inch) on sensitive areas such as nerves, blood vessels, and muscle groups. This pressure can limit range of motion, as well as cause pain, discomfort, stiffness, and general unease. 




Fascia is the most prevalent connective tissue in the body. We can conceptualize fascia as a 3 dimensional net. From the skin to the bone, it wraps around and goes through every muscle and tendon fiber all the way down to every muscle and tendon cell. Fascia is found throughout adipose and other tissues in the body as well. It wraps around blood vessels, veins, arteries, and nerves. One of its main functions is providing the capability of gliding movement throughout the body.

Fascia can become bound due to trauma, lack of motion, consistent repetitive motions or habitual patterns in the body.


Whether you’re in pain or discomfort from a traumatic event/ injury/surgery/diagnosed ailment, or your body & musculature is in a chronic reactive state due to stress, or if repetitive motion from athletic endeavors or work are causing dysfunction. We can help

Pain/Discomfort/loss or range of motion:

There are times in life where the habit patterns in the body stop serving you and move into pain or discomfort. Often times, this comes with a diagnosis from either a doctor or by one's self, and sometimes there's no diagnosis at all. You may have been searching for solutions with various levels of success, but the underlying issue still remains. Or this may be something that has arisen and become more severe. 

SLŌ utilizes the John Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release. The sustained holds are substantially longer, which opens fascia on the deepest levels of the body and move towards positive change from habit patterns that no longer serve you, cause you pain or discomfort, or hold you back from being your fullest self.

The positive outside influence (SLŌ BODY-WORK practitioner) works with the client in order to identify their habit pattern and then utilize sustained holds, "pressure melts", and enhanced stretches to "vortex" the bound points and body allowing unbinding, openness, softening, and flow to occur.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

We live in a world where it is easy to become overstimulated, activated, and stressed. With constant updates on our mobile devices, to-do lists a mile long, traffic, or overall responsibility, we can easily cue our nervous systems into fight or flight mode and not even know we are there.

SLŌ offers anyone who experiences even low-level stress the ability to decompress. The sustained holds are a perfect way to cue the body into the meditative state, connecting one to the innate ability of all human beings to let go of unneeded tension & stress.

For athletes:

Athletes have particular challenges in maintaining efficiency and balance within the body. Depending on the type of athletic activity, a person's dominant side, and environmental factors, each athlete has a unique "constellation" of "bound points".

SLŌ offers athletes the ability to find their own personalized mind-body connection to natural challenges that can arise due to the repetitive nature of their chosen athletic activity. We refer to the "bound points" that occur from these challenges as "habit patterns".


Arthritis pain
Back pain
Carpal tunnel
Chronic fatigue
Disc problems
Emotional trauma
Frozen shoulder
Headaches or migraines
Neck pain
Plantar fasciitis
Poor posture
Post surgical dysfunction
Restless leg syndrome
Restricted motion
Sacroiliac pain
Scar tissue/adhesions
Sinus issues
Sports injuries
TMJ syndrome

Have a diagnosis or symptoms you don’t see listed here? Fill out the info on Free 15 min phone consultation form and see how we can help.

SLŌ terms

“habit pattern”- patterns that form over time from repetitive motion and/or trauma or injury.

“bound points”- bound or restricted areas of fascia that can cause pain and/or discomfort.

“pressure-melt”- applying gradual pressure into a very specific, bound point; slowing melting into the fascia and muscle.

“vortexing”- an enhanced stretch utilized to open fascia in more than one direction at a time; a more efficient/ intesive way of opening fascia.  


Our goal is to aid you in getting out of pain and/or discomfort by "unbinding" the "bound points" throughout the body that can accumulate from exercise, exertion, repetitive motion or lack of mobility, trauma, and habit patterns that may no longer serve you.