The SLŌ BODY-WORK Therapists


KC Taylor (pictured left)

From a young age, KC found himself content with his own company and the company of the natural world. Growing up this way lead him to the "simple wisdom" that can be found exploring the interrelationships of the world and the relationships we have to ourselves, and our own minds and bodies.

That "simple wisdom" lead him to teachings found in both the east and west. Firstly, discovering Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and his simple, poetic words that point to a balance and harmony that can be fostered within our own lives. Now, he continues to learn that “simple wisdom” from many teachers, leading him to areas of discovery within the contexts of meditation, Kundalini Yoga, talk/group therapy, NLP, dance, music, bodywork, and more....

It was that recognition for simple honest truth that eventually led him to learn the craft of bodywork. Embarking on a journey for more knowledge, he studied many modalities and within a short time discovered the "John Barnes approach." Utilizing the long sustained holds, and the balanced mind that are the benchmark of that approach, he began to fuse the parts of the various modalities that fit into the model of "simple wisdom." With this, he discovered ways of working with the body that are profound, sustained, and harmonious. These discoveries lead him to co-create SLŌ Bodywork.

Alexander Novicki (pictured right)

Alex grew up playing sports, spending time outdoors and leading an active lifestyle. He also spent time volunteering in the community, mentoring children, volunteering at local hospitals, and helping out at community food banks. "Give and take" was an idea that Alex strived to live by. To him, this meant giving time to help others and taking time for yourself, all to achieve life balance.

Chronic pain at a young age was a blessing in disguise for Alex. This led him to search for non-pharmaceutical methods of pain relief.  He discovered that optimal health and pain management could be achieved through stretching, yoga, meditation, and attention to proper nutrition. Through these efforts, he discovered how much better he felt and was able to live life to the fullest. He wanted to share these discoveries with everyone.

Through "give and take" Alex found that one needs to take care of themselves holistically so they can give care to others.  He achieves this through meditation, yoga, nutrition, and trail running.  Following his passion for helping others, he explored many careers in bodywork and learned various modalities. After years of working with many clients, he discovered more efficient ways to work with the body that are profound, sustained, and harmonious. These discoveries lead him to co-create SLŌ Bodywork.


Both Alex & KC, are runners, athletes and yogis. Giving them both an even deeper understanding of body-mechanics, body-mind connection, and energy flows of the body. In addition they are the rhythm section (KC-bass, Alex-drums) of local austin pop-rock band Warren Moon.