• Please arrive on time to ensure the full length of your appointment. 

  • Please refrain from using lotion the day of your appointment to ensure optimal skin contact. This includes sunscreen and facial moisturizer.

  •  Please wear exercise clothes (or bring them and change at our office), such as a sports bra and running shorts. Also suitable would be 2 piece bathing suits for women, or boxers, briefs or swim-trunks for men.  SLŌ body-work must occur directly on the skin for best results— your safety and comfort are always respected.

  • Hydrated tissue ensures optimal results from your bodywork — please arrive hydrated!

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water after the session to help rehydrate the released fascia, for more effective results.





  • SLŌ body-work is non-injurious. At no point should you ever experience pain. Moments of "therapeutic discomfort" may be required for some releases.

  • The work is done free of lubricants or oils providing a deeper reach into fascia.

  • There is no need to fully disrobe, though appropriate sportswear is preferred (see "how to prepare for your session").

  • Expect for yourself to naturally move into a deeper mind-body connection and enhanced connection to your own breath.

  • You will receive a full 60 minutes "on the table". Any communications will be built around that time.

  • Individuals can feel a range of emotions post-session: anything from deeply relaxed to fully energized.

  • A small percentage of clients have felt soreness the next day. An even smaller percentage can have the body shift into "therapeutic chaos". These usually only last a day or two. In fact, they are working signs that the body is moving into a more balanced and harmonious state.

  • Expect to be empowered with information and proactive "homework" that will expediate the positive shifts that we are looking to affect.